Hi,  I’m Damilare, a Software Security Architect at Intel Corporation, where I have the pleasure of working with our talented software engineers/ architects to drive and improve product security. I’m also a Chapter lead at OWASP in Nigeria and a former Co-founder of VerdeInfoTech.

I started this blog as my little contribution to the information sharefest that is the internet.  I’ll be sharing my experiences with tech and life in general.

We get a lot from others, after coming into the world with nothing. We take what others have to give and that’s perfectly fine since it’s impossible to conceive a world without sharing. The internet is an extension of that norm. Every ounce of information gained, is information shared, be it actual tips or tools that allow the sharing of said tips. Of course not all information on the web is helpful, but that’s just life – on one hand there are different strokes for different folks and on the other hand, some folks are just weirdos.

An open secret, I’m also using blogging to practice for my future books – so many crazy ideas, I wander what will be crazier that I actually write them up or that people venture to read them.

I’m an avid Jesus follower, who enjoys writing, nature, and exercise..

Here’s to sharing and connecting!


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