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He stood arms akimbo, staring at himself in the mirrors of the dusky gym of his apartment complex. Breathing heavily through pursed lips, he seemed to admire himself. At his feet, lay three pairs of dumbbells, 25, 30, and 35 pounds respectively. His dumbbell routine was part of today’s upper body workout. He remembered how Maria had glanced at his chest as they chatted on that last walk with their friends. Well, we can’t afford to disappoint the ladies, he thought,

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Staying Focused and Motivated

focusing on sunset

How can I re-enter a state of mind? My friend, Ade, asked. He went on to describe how he would start reading or learning something with a lot of excitement, but to his dismay he often discovered when he returned some days later that his enthusiasm had waned – or as he put it in nerdspeak “his dopamine1 levels weren’t as high”. I consider his question to be of the multi-million dollar variety. Personally, even when the right approach for such scenarios seems obvious,

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Building an Information Security Community in the Heart of Nigeria’s Tech Hub

I still remember the most productive cup of coffee I had last winter. It was a cappuccino served by an outlet called Dukes, at the City Gate business centre in Cork, Ireland. Darren Fitzpatrick and I were catching up after weeks of ‘maybe next week?’. It’s not the cuppa’s taste I remember, although I guess it must have been alright given that Darren loves Dukes and he know’s more about the caffeine monkey than I ever will. But in the time it took to down

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A Day in The Life of a Software Security Architect a.k.a Another Computer Nerd


It had been a super long night. The kind of blurry night that involves going to bed way past midnight and waking up well before dawn, after slipping in about 3+ hours of shut eye. The previous day had brought me the gift of a fascinating issue involving ‘device drivers’, my first foray into that area. I had spent all of the previous evening and most of the night reading up on how device drivers work on the Windows operating

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As We Live and Breathe

Some persons live in the past, always relieving long gone memories in a state of persistent nostalgia. Others live in the future, always wanting or praying for what isn’t. Yet another group of persons live in the present, enjoying each moment to the fullest or revelling in their miseries, little lessons learnt, few plans made. A few persons transcend all 3 states, trapezing hither and thither. I believe it’s those lucky few who truly live.

My Top 5 Picks from Black Hat USA 2015

I got a chance to explore Black Hat for the first time about a month ago. No, I don’t mean the movie which I can proudly say I am yet to watch. Yes, I mean the real thing. It was Black Hat USA 2015, an information security conference in Vegas and it was an ‘interesting’ experience. Black Hat is touted as the most technical and relevant global information security event series in the world. For more than 16 years, Black Hat has provided attendees

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Post Ashley Madison, Do We Need New Privacy Agreements?

At this point, you have almost certainly heard about the Ashley Madison data breach so I won’t bore you with the details. The web has been buzzing with myriad angles on the hack and data theft perpetrated on the company whose business involves helping those who are married or in committed relationships to have affairs. There has been a lot said about the hackers, the hacked, the victims, the victims’ families and it goes on. There is even a Wikipedia

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My Take on Internet.org: Privacy, Security & Internet Rights

A large number of the worlds population resides in underdeveloped environments with major infrastructural deficits and as such, it is hardly surprising that about 60% of the worlds’ population has no access to the internet. Today, one could even say that the opinion that the instantaneous access to information provided by the internet is crucial to learning and development has become something of a platitude. Hence, initiatives such as Facebook’s internet.org and Google’s Project Loon which aim to take the internet to that 60%

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