Bearing The Cross – Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King


It’s January 15… MLK day. A day that honours one of the foremost leaders of the civil rights movement, Dr Martin Luther King. It’s my 2nd MLK day in the United States of America. Just less than 2 years ago, I sought to explore technology in North America, having had the coals of tech desire heated in the country of my birth, Nigeria, and their flames fanned in the green fields of Ireland. Unsurprisingly, as I looked to new adventures

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The Art of Moving Part 1 – Leaves of Snow


It was a windy harmattan* evening in Ibadan, Nigeria’s oldest city in the south-western region of the country. The leaves of virtually all trees in our compound had dried up and littered our back yard. They were bright goldish-brown in colour and crackled when one stepped on them. As the few remaining leaves that clung to the mighty baobabs and Irokos fell down in resignation, I ran to window singing… snow, snow! My Dad laughed. Of course snow never fell

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Trapped in Nothing


We came from nothing And we’re going to nothing Yet we sit here, trapped between 2 nothings Contemplating our nothingness – Frederich Nietzsche, Philosopher. If there’s no God and no afterlife, our origin was an accident and our destiny is nothingness, meaning all of life’s striving is an exercise in futility. – Timothy Keller, Reverend. Subscribe

What We See


He stood arms akimbo, staring at himself in the mirrors of the dusky gym of his apartment complex. Breathing heavily through pursed lips, he seemed to admire himself. At his feet, lay three pairs of dumbbells, 25, 30, and 35 pounds respectively. His dumbbell routine was part of today’s upper body workout. He remembered how Maria had glanced at his chest as they chatted on that last walk with their friends. Well, we can’t afford to disappoint the ladies, he thought,

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How to Eliminate Exam Stress


December… holidays! But before the trees and presents, it’s nail biting time for many students. Tests, exams or finals… depending on what you call it in your part of the globe, have rolled around again. If you’ve got tests coming up, I don’t want you to over-stress so I thought I’d share this. Years ago, I arrived at a realization. No matter the stage of your education, there are so many exams to come… at high school, undergrad, grad, job interviews, employee

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The Thin Line of Patriotism


As I walked into my apartment on a chilly December evening, I notice my neighbor’s window open… once again. My attention was drawn to the centerpiece of their sitting room. I know you’re probably wondering what gall I have, writing an article based on an I-spy episode at my neighbor’s. But I pinky swear that the window was wide open the center piece was resplendent, majestically displayed in all it’s glory. They obviously weren’t trying to hide it, nor should they

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Daily Stand-ups, the Bane of Agile Software Development – Part 1


I couldn’t really think. I could feel their eyes crawling over neck. The lingering feel of those questioning eyes haunted me. In the software industry, we solve problems in code. But today, like yesterday, there is no time for elegant solutions or lofty research. Tomorrow morning, like this morning, it’ll be judgement day and I’ll have to give an account of what I’ve done. At least Christians get a life time before judgement day. Judgement day… for most agile scrum

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The liberation of Mortality


I believe mortality is a beautiful thing as it liberates us from fear. For if the eventuality of death – that universal leveler – is a certainty, then why not live while you still breathe? why not take risks? why not get up and Do while the chance yet exists? If you don’t succeed, try again and in the extremely unlikely event that you continuously fail at something that you are passionate about, work hard at and for which you

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Seek Constructive Criticism

So you’ve just had that Oh my god why didn’t I ever think of that before idea. Yes, those beautiful ones that have a propensity for blind siding you in the shower. Your very own Eureka! It could be any idea and it could be related to your business, work, school, finances etc. With some effort, you’ve managed to control your excitement and escape the bathroom without a concussion. Now, what to do? There are two popular schools of thought

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