In the deep, in the deep We crawl, in the deep We struggle, in the deep Blood streams down our fingers Gravel pushes up our nails It’s so dusty We’re no further than before Dust fills our lungs The surface, far away That light, too distant How we got here, who knows? But it’s clear, where we are In deep Our face contorts Grimace of exertion Our body rigid All muscles flexing One last push A good foothold We might

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Silent Footfalls


Take #1 Do you hear it? Listen closely Be still Backdrop of our days Soundtrack of our lives Do you hear it? The soft whispers Like bare footfalls Who goes there? Running in constant flight You’re barely here Always leaving Then you’re gone Take #2 Do you hear time passing? Can you hear its soft, receding whispers? Tis the backdrop of our lives; The soundtrack of our existence Still can’t hear it? Listen closely Be still Barely audible sounds; As silent as

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For the Nubian Princess, and all those who bless the world with their light… Pull a chair, sit and watch Stand, clap and sing Run, skip and chase Sprout wings, soar and fly But don’t catch a butterfly Destined to glide the air Its elegance is in flight Subscribe  



The horizon darkens As the shadows lengthen A cool breeze blows Silent expectation fills the air What mystery this way comes Mounted on dark clouds We wait… The heavens pulse As angels grieve Peace birthed in chaos Dirt washed away The trees dance in praise Rejuvenation, Restoration, Rebirth Now, the horizon brightens A colourful smile A promise of love till the end of days Subscribe



An ode to the dreamers… The mountains, they call The heights, they beckon Will I stay Will I watch The mountains, they call The heights, they beckon The sounds, they draw Will I go Will I be lost

The Body of Christ


The people, the people The body, the people The community, the unity The people, the people The togetherness, the strength The fellowship, the bond The joy, the fears The pain and the healing The people, The people The truth laid bare The truth, the son of God The body of the son, the church The church which is the people Filled with the spirit, become one body The truth brings liberation The shackles and irons broken Liberated we stand in

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