Are you writing secure code?

It’s proven, you know1… the longer you wait to implement security in your the software you develop, the more expensive it becomes to implement the right security.  Adding security after bugs have been found by QA or your product has shipped means you have to redesign and recode; more work, more expenses. Whereas, if as early as product conception your team performs secure design reviews and threat modelling, developers will naturally Think Security while coding; Secure Coding.

India-based Startup Develops Home Router Software for Private and Secure Web Surfing

The internet has become a pseudo focal point of human existence. The interconnectedness of the web and the services it offers presents us with something akin to a double-edged sword. On one hand, we enjoy the ease of interacting or transacting from anywhere in real time. On the other hand, we are exposed to a loss of privacy as web service providers and governments access information that we provide knowingly or otherwise. We are also exposed to security risks from

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An Interview with Peter Coppinger (Teamwork) – Cork’s Serial Entrepreneur

In Cork and in all of Ireland, the IT revolution keeps gathering steam and shows no signs of slowing down. Ireland’s corporate tax most likely played a part in incentivising tech power houses to set up shop and the governments’ support for small businesses through agencies like Enterprise Ireland has been great for startups nationwide. I’m also willing to bet that a lot of the startup energy rocking the nation is down to local talent, some of whom are skilled

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