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Avoiding Thesis Blues

She burst into my room cradling her laptop like a new born infant. One hand in her mouth, as her teeth went to town on her nails. She had that distinctive bug eyed look and my otherwise posh, eloquent housemate was speaking as though she had a speech impediment. Her masters thesis was due in an hour and she had just realized that her table of contents looked like a cross word puzzle. It’s that time of year again. A

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Seek Constructive Criticism

So you’ve just had that Oh my god why didn’t I ever think of that before idea. Yes, those beautiful ones that have a propensity for blind siding you in the shower. Your very own Eureka! It could be any idea and it could be related to your business, work, school, finances etc. With some effort, you’ve managed to control your excitement and escape the bathroom without a concussion. Now, what to do? There are two popular schools of thought

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How to Be a Developer and Have a Life

Sometimes the code just takes over. If you have ever written programming code, I’m almost certain that you understand what I mean. At times your code seems to take on a mind of its own as it usurps your independence of thought. You’re fixated on your screen, typing away frantically like your life depends on it, which it probably does. It’s at times like this that your code could cruise you to never never land. This short post is aimed

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