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Jamaica, Jesus Loves You So

jamaica - Jesus loves you so
We are on Mission for Christ, destination Jamaica. A few days ago, a dream team of 15 high school students and 7 adults landed on this beautiful Caribbean island. We are from Cornerstone church in Chandler, Arizona. Our objective? To go into schools, street corners and churches sharing the gospel of Jesus, through our personal stories, drama skits, music, and puppet shows.
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How to Create Good Architecture Diagrams for Securing Systems


Most software projects, especially those that are considered to be particularly valuable to attackers should go through the Threat Modeling and Security Architecture Review activities of the Secure Development Life cycle. Threat Modeling is a process by which potential threats can be identified, enumerated, and prioritized – all from a hypothetical attacker’s point of view. Security architecture review involves the analysis of the architectural and design solutions that mitigate threats identifies in the Threat Model. Good architecture diagrams are vital to effective

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Silent Footfalls


Take #1 Do you hear it? Listen closely Be still Backdrop of our days Soundtrack of our lives Do you hear it? The soft whispers Like bare footfalls Who goes there? Running in constant flight You’re barely here Always leaving Then you’re gone Take #2 Do you hear time passing? Can you hear its soft, receding whispers? Tis the backdrop of our lives; The soundtrack of our existence Still can’t hear it? Listen closely Be still Barely audible sounds; As silent as

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Complex Passwords Are Probably Useless


For a time the security industry and many technology users have wondered about the usefulness of complex passwords. To protect access to systems, passwords provide the most basic security. It’s often recommended that passwords are combined with other authentication mechanisms, but that’s a different blog post. Since simplistic passwords like names, birth dates, places etc. are easily guessed by automated software, a recommendation for years has been complex passwords. I’m sure you have come across instructions like this when creating passwords for

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Master Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence with Former Head of Baidu AI Group and Google Brain


Andrew Ng, a pioneering machine learning and deep learning expert who previous led Baidu’s Artificial Intelligence group and the Google Brain deep learning project, recently released a practical Deep Learning course. It is geared toward newbies or professionals seeking to master the theory and application of Deep Learning. The course is taught using common industry tools such as the Tensorflow machine learning software library and the Python programming language. It is available on the popular online learning platform, Coursera. The stated goals are

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For the Nubian Princess, and all those who bless the world with their light… Pull a chair, sit and watch Stand, clap and sing Run, skip and chase Sprout wings, soar and fly But don’t catch a butterfly Destined to glide the air Its elegance is in flight Subscribe  

What is Software Architecture?


What does software architecture mean and how does it differ from application architecture or systems architecture? Who is a software architect? Those are common questions amongst software or systems developers, and I’ve been on the receiving end many times. At other times I’ve introduced myself as a software security architect, before being asked, “I hope you’re not one of those people who just draw blocks on slides?”. So just what is software architecture and what do software architects do? In his brilliantly

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The horizon darkens As the shadows lengthen A cool breeze blows Silent expectation fills the air What mystery this way comes Mounted on dark clouds We wait… The heavens pulse As angels grieve Peace birthed in chaos Dirt washed away The trees dance in praise Rejuvenation, Restoration, Rebirth Now, the horizon brightens A colourful smile A promise of love till the end of days Subscribe

Trapped in Nothing


We came from nothing And we’re going to nothing Yet we sit here, trapped between 2 nothings Contemplating our nothingness – Frederich Nietzsche, Philosopher. If there’s no God and no afterlife, our origin was an accident and our destiny is nothingness, meaning all of life’s striving is an exercise in futility. – Timothy Keller, Reverend. Subscribe