In the deep, in the deep
We crawl, in the deep
We struggle, in the deep

Blood streams down our fingers
Gravel pushes up our nails
It’s so dusty
We’re no further than before

Dust fills our lungs
The surface, far away
That light, too distant

How we got here, who knows?
But it’s clear, where we are
In deep

Our face contorts
Grimace of exertion
Our body rigid
All muscles flexing

One last push
A good foothold
We might make it
Progress! Finally luck smiles

Why does that blasted foot slip?
Ah! The stupid rock gives way
A sandy slide
We’re back, in the deep

Well, we tried
We should know better
When you’re in, you’re in
In the belly of the deep

It’s darkening now
The light, a deeming glow
So long dear friends
Twas nice knowing you

Don’t forget
Just spare a dream, or two
While we wait
In never ending sleep

The stars come out
Twinkle, twinkle little stars
A starry eulogy

But in that dark
A respondin glow
We’re perplexed
Not too tired yet
We explore

A silvery ladder?
Some foolish trick?
Surely, it was lowered?
Or was it always here?

We touch it, we shake it
It’s cool, it’s solid
It’s real

A soothing breeze blows
Peace stirs
Hope awakens

Nothing to loose
We climb


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